Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Productive night last night, sent emails to the 3 major political parties asking for info on their IT policies. No responses so far, but I kind of figured it would take a couple of days to hear back, if I've heard nothing by Monday. Tried to contact the Bloc to but I don't read enough French to find the contact us link on their site, if anyone who does read French wants to help me out please contact me and I'll forward you the questions I'm asking for you to translate and pass on, I'd appreciate it.
I'm assisting with a training class right now and one of my students asked to recommend a Linux distro, I recommended two, Ubuntu and Mepis, as he wants a full graphical environment, does anyone have any other suggestions? Been thinking about doing something interesting with my test box, either MythTV or Asterick has anyone tried setting up either of these type of systems? It's a duron 900mhz with 256 of ram so it may not be beefy enough for either of these projects in which case I will probably wait til the new year and buy a cheap box at factory direct or some other cheap PC store, that may be a better idea anyway as the case of the test machine is ugly as sin.


Blogger kenwoo1977 said...

skype exists on mac too bad it doesn't exist on linux? for m$ haters heh. =)

8:59 PM  
Blogger Tim Joyce said...

Skype does exist for linux it was at one point included in Mepis and I know the Linspire guys include it in their distro, but no geek credit in setting skpye up, to easy. setting up a a full PBX, now that's geek cred!

2:19 AM  
Blogger Vito said...

Nice Blog Tim..


9:40 AM  
Blogger Rohit Kumar said...

hey tim.. nice blog.. in response to your choice for linux distro.. IMHO go for mandriva... it's got awesome GUI(kde though).. but nice and easy distro.. based on rpm.. i have been using it since 18 months... have't given me any troubles..

linux all the way :-)


9:19 AM  

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