Thursday, December 15, 2005

I have decided to go with a MythTV box as my next project, I like the idea of building something I'm really going to use day to day and that my wife can enjoy to. Also, this will finally give me the push I've been needing to buy a decent TV. I've been follwing the progress of Lugradio presenter Jono Bacon with his MythTV box and it sounds fairly do able, and lots of fun. I have heard oe slightly worrying thing, someone was telling me that standard TV tuner cards don't work in Canada, have not been able to confirm this, if anyone has more info please pass this on. I still have had no contact with the political parties, getting home to late to call, I hope to get in touch swith them this weekend, I am slightly annoy that there has been complete silence in response to my emails. One would think the parties would want to respond to requests of this type of info relatively quickly, esspecially during an election.


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