Monday, June 19, 2006

Bad news first, not going to make it to Lugradio Live 2006, had hoped to pull the cash together last minutes but couldn't make it happen. Maybe next year I guess.
In better news conversions to Linux continue unabated, people are really starting to see open source software as a real alternative. Since my last post I have had continued requests for Linux CDs at an unprecidented rate, as well as many more requests for support. As mentioned in my last post these support requests are somewhat of a double edged sword for me while I enjoy helping get newbies started the demands on my time can be extensive. One thing I have found to give me much needed respite from these support demands is the creation of a desktop HELP!!! icon, this links to the users IRC client, which is preset to #ubuntu on freenode. If the user encounters an issue they can hit the HELP!!! icon and ask for help from the experts on IRC, I'm told this has been a great help and it has certainly cut down on my service calls.
Matt Revell of Lugradio fame has started the Ubuntu Media Relations Team to act as a point of first contact between project members and the Media, this seems like a great way to help out the community. If you have experience dealing with the media and are interested helping out the community in a non coding manner this is a greate way to pitch in.


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