Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Putting together a podcast

Well for those who don’t already know, which is pretty much everyone who reads this, I’ve been putting together a Free Software oriented podcast. It’s been a long process 2 of the 4 guys I originally asked have already opted out due to time constraints, took ages trying to figure out how to record multiple mikes, spent a long night trekking around downtown Toronto looking for an open music store to buy a mixing board that cost far to much. But it all seems to be coming together, this weekend we are recording our first show. There’s still a long way way to go, our website is still being designed and may not be ready by the release of our first show and there’s still a lot to do. There are somethings of that we would like to ask the community t help us with, segment ideas, we need your ideas for the show, in particular if your working on a cool Free Software project and you want to come on the show for an interview about your project, we need mirrors for the show, and most importantly we need listeners. So if you are have ideas for the show, are interested in being interviewed or want to be a show mirror leave a comment on my blog or email us at radiofreesoftware at gmail dot com. As for folks who just want to listen to a show about FLOSS watch this space for our release annoucement early next week. Oh and one more thing at this point we’re working with a three man crew, one short, one bearded and one ginger so if anyone knows a bald Windows monkey in the Toronto area please get in touch, thanks.


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