Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Ho Ho! I have given up on trying to get answers from the politians, after several calls to each party I have completely failed to get a hold of anyone who has the slightest idea what I'm on about. In my riding it is unfortunately a race between the Liberals and NDP, the Tories have no hope in this riding. I am therefore going to hold my nose and Vote for Jack Layton, for the simple reason that I'd rather my money be squandered then stolen.
On the subject of linux games I have been given shit for not mentioning BurgerSpace an awesome clone of the classic BurgerTime, this game is hours of fun.
If any one is looking for a cool way to do VPN my buddy Vito sent me a link to this cool looking product Hamachi, seems like a cool way to do VPN, although why in the world they named it after Sushi I have no idea.


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