Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long time no post

Well it's been a long time since I last posted here and a lot has changed in that time. Most of the changes have been personal, my wife and I separated and our divorce is pending. I've fallen in love with a wonderful girl named Julia and we are planning our future together, last night we discussed buying a condo together once my divorce is finalized. I've also changed jobs, I'm no longer working in call center hell and am now very happily working for a small software company as part of a 2 man technical support team. I'm still using and advocating free software every chance I get and I've been thrilled to see the growth of free software over the past couple of years. It seems everywhere you look these day's people are turning to free software, at work CVS and SVN are essential to our development processes. Even my parents are waiting with excitement for the new Ubuntu LTS release so they can play with the new toys I've had on my PC for awhile.
Speaking of my PC I've just acquired a shine new Toshiba laptop, now free of Vista and happily running Ubuntu. There have been a few frustrations with the new lappy, but I'll be covering that in greater detail in an upcoming review. In the meantime gentle readers it's great to be back.


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