Friday, February 17, 2006

I was recently ask to explain why FLOSS was more ethical then proprietary software by someone new to the concept of open source, after trying several of the more advanced arguements put forward by the likes of RMS, Raymond and Lessig I realized I was only confusing my questioner and that it was time for a much more simple explaination, here's what I came up with. "At some point when most people were growing up we had someone in our lives who cared about us and tried to teach us right from wrong, it could be your mom or dad, a teacher, an aunt or uncle or someone else, right?" Questioner "My mom", me "Great, and at some point when your mom was teaching you right from wrong she probably taught you that it was a good thing to share, right?" "Yeah" "Bill Gates and the proprietary software guys say if you share software you're stealing and commiting a crime, the free software community on the other hand wants you to share it's software cause like your mom we think sharing is good. What you need to ask your self is who do you think is a more moral person, your mom or Bill Gates?" "My mom of course" "Now do you understand why Free Software is better morally then proprietary?" "Yes" Try this arguement it seems to work.
In other news Mig21 and I are working on putting together a Lugradio fan meet up in conjunction with the Seneca College Linux Club Install Fest June 3rd if you are interested watch this space or check out the thread ont the Lugradio forums for more details.


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