Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yay for Karmic Koala

Just upgraded to Karmic Koala, easiest upgrade ever. Seriously this is the first completely trouble free distro upgrade I've ever done. In the old days everything broke and I'd end up reinstalling, the last few times something minor broke and I fixed it, this time though everything seems to be working. Awesome work Ubuntu team.

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Blogger GTA Info Tech said...


My name is Bryan Mirkalami. I am the President of GTA Info Tech, a new era information technology corporation based here in Ontario. We have some very valuable lines of goods/services available for production and release to the public but unfortunately the US or even Canadian based traditional or even new media (like the traditional search engines) are not that accepting of our ideas for a better (leaner and meaner) world. They want to just continue in their anti-value ways and have no interest in exploring new and better ways particularly if they come from outside the US. So to get the ball rolling on these core different products and services we decided to tackle the issue at the level of an OS supporting our own value driven search engine ( The OS is going to ultimately be even more advanced than windows even in areas like windows based video processing algorithms/scripts.

To quickly view the full range of services intended for release in one place please visit!
WinnerOS is initially going to continue in the tradition of free open source to gain better acceptance but eventually we will need to charge a small fee for its use to cover the cost of programming and supporting the OS.
I have had some experience using Linux based OSes specially the Ubuntu distribution of it. I think the Ubuntu OS has come a long way in making Linux computing more user friendly for the average person.

If you can help in any way (suggestion, recommendation or organizing of programmers to put the OS together) do not hesitate to contact me at once!

Hope to hear from you soon.

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