Monday, January 30, 2006

Well so much for blogging more in the new year, been a very busy time lately since my last post a lot has happened. First off I am no longer a tech support nerd, I now train tech support nerds. Training is great and I really feel like I'm making peoples lives better, several of my student are nerds and we have talked Linux several times. Also at work they have started a linux server project, the IT staff consulted me on which linux distro to use, despite my temptation to recommend debian I ended up recommending CentOS, due more to corporate acceptability of Redhat and the fact that there are likely some admins familliar with Redhat then anything else.
Iriver Instanity, after frequent pimping of the Iriver on Lugradio, I got my new T30 home only to discover that Iriver are no longer compatible with Linux. further research show that the Iriver folks have switched from USM to the MTP protocol in Windows media player 10. Luckily the MTP protocol appears to be based on the PTP protcol used for digital camerasand is suported in the latest developer build of Gphoto2, I'll have to compile from source but should be no problem, plus plus geek points.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year to all, hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. Now that the holidays are over I hope to blog more regularly. I picked up the latest edition of Hub Digital Living (a free computer mag in the Toronto area) the other day and was thrilled to find three articles mentioning open source software, the first article part their DV, or not to DV series, was an entire article dedicated to FLOSS video editing tools, this article was well worth the read, even if they mistakenly refer to the GPL as the "General Purpose Licence", if your looking to do some video editing this article certainly provides a place to start. Open source software was also prominently discussed in the latest Moving to Mac article which refers to both OpenOffice and Firefox, although I was surprised that there was no mention of Camino the Mozilla Browser for Mac. Finally Firefox emerged as the clear winner in the Browser Wars article beating out IE, Opera and Netscape. It's always good to see the mainstream media mention FLOSS and this issue of Hub really shows how mainstream FLOSS has become.