Thursday, March 27, 2008

I use linux at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! That's right I now use Linux as part of my daily work. I found there were some issues that were easier to sort out using Linux then trying to do the same thing using windows (sometimes you just can't beat bash). So yesterday I grabbed VMware server and installed an Ubuntu 8.04 Beta VM. Works great. I still in the process of configuring things the way I want them, but so far I very happy with the results. Next step is to get Evolution talking to Exchange.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yay for Ubuntu Hardy

Upgraded to Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 Alpha 6. I'd been having trouble video drivers in Gutsy for a while, they'd break, I'd edit xorg.conf to fix them and within a couple of days they'd break again, plus no matter what I did with gutsy I couldn't seem to get desktop effects to work. So this morning I got fed up and upgraded to Hardy. Yay, after a minimum of poking the Intel video drivers are finally working properly and desktop effects are working wonderfully. Next job will be to fiddle with Wifi and Webcam. Wifi looks to be an easier task on Hardy then it was on Gutsy too, Hardy is at least detecting the Atheros wireless chipset, even if no wireless options are appearing in Network Manager. In the meantime I'll continue to get by using my Netgear USB wifi adapter, which detects and runs just fine :) I haven't even poked webcam yet, but, one project at a time I guess.